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OEM Custom Cases

We have our professional team to design the cases; we can make the case according to your requirements.

Laboratory Customization Case 1
Laboratory Customization Case 2
Laboratory Customization Case 3

Laboratory Customization Case

  • These customers are both from pharmaceutical companies.
  • Some of them had already purchased the automatic production line or just started the business, but both of them wanted to develop new types of gummies for bigger markets.
  • After beautiful time and design communication, we different custom-made types of laboratory gummy-making machines.
  • One of the machines we use servo&bigger touch screen for their showcase and opening tour, one of the machines We added automatic molds transport function For easier option.
  • No matter how big the customers or their requirements, We will try our best to provide customized services for them
Milk flavor + juice flavor with striped color

Milk Flavor + Juice Flavor with Striped Color

  • The most milk or coffee flavor candies is using flavor instead of real mike inside.
  • But this Euro Customer would like to produce high milk candies to differentiated production in the confectionery industry.
  • However the protein and other active substance inside will loss during the high temperature cooking with syrup.
  • We deign a Milk fermentation boiling system to minimize wastage and maintain creamy taste.
  • As well as the functional hard candies we can help customer to save loss of the active substance and bring the Benefit maximization of both candies and production cost.
Lollipop machinery customization case
Lollipop Machinery Customization Case

Lollipop Machinery Customization Case

  • This customer was an ice-cream factory, and they wanted to make 3D shape lollipop-like ice-cream shapes with heavier weight than normal lollipops.
  • We provide a customized depositor that produces 10-25g with two striped color plans.
  • This customer was OEM candies for holiday or event activities by adding customized photos or drawing inside the lollipop.
  • They wanted a machine with more automatic and higher production capability than manual production.
  • We customized a machine formattable rice paper photo printing to cutting and flat sticker injection system.
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