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Marshmallow Machine

Marshmallow Machine

Marshmallow is a type of confectionery that is typically made from sugar, water and gelatin whipped to a solid-but-soft consistency. So the beginning was only popular in Nonmuslim countries because of the gelatin. And the manufacture of marshmallows was limited to a small scale.

But now we developed a variety of processes to create different formulas or gum base cotton candies and a fully automatic system from cooking to aerator to extruding or depositing and drying based on the candy starch mogul system.
Such as Marshmallow depositing line, Marshmallow extruder, and Marshmallow servo cutter.

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What is a Marshmallow Machine?

A Marshmallow Machine is an equipment used in the manufacturing of marshmallows. It is a machine that creates fluffy marshmallows by combining air and hot syrup. The hot syrup is heated until it becomes a liquid, and then injected into the machine where it is forced through a number of nozzles to form dense marshmallows.

Marshmallow Machine 2
Marshmallow Machine

Marshmallow Machine | TM-600


6 Nozzles

Marshmallow Machine

Marshmallow Machine | TM-900


10 Nozzles

Marshmallow Machine

Marshmallow Machine | TM-1200


16 Nozzles

Scenarios of the Marshmallow Production Line

Marshmallow Extruder

The extrusion process which involved running marshmallow ingredients through nozzles tubes.
The nozzle tubes created a long shapes marshmallow rop and after 20meter ageing&cooling will have a servo cutter then into equal size and length pieces/shapes.
1-4colors in one marshmallow rope
Center filled marshmallow rope
One nozzles 4 single marshmallow rope
Sugar crisp shell coating

Marshmallow Extruder

Finished marshmallow

Marshmallow Depositor

Marshmallow Depositor

The marshmallow depositing system is based on the traditional starch mogul machine, deposited into a starch-based mould in a mogul then deposit on it to make various shapes, the typical ones are the filled balls or fruit shapes like Peeps.
Ball shape or icecream shape with center filling
Multi-color, multi-component candies in one, two, three, and four colours;
Soft centre-fills, and with every possible colour and flavour.
Ice-cream marshmallow
3D fruit shape

Marshmallow display


Marshmallw machine extruder nozzles

We provide the customized design form Sampling, Drawing, Quote, and Fabrication.
These nozzles were created by one of our workers who has been in this industry for about 30 years, each new design needs lots of bending and design according to the final colour tend, then start production the official ones that most likely shape such as Panada.

Moulds are often an important component that can provide your business with the means to scale your operations and attract more clients that are looking for proprietary product shapes and types.

When you add your own custom moulds to your production processes, the difference is immediately noticeable. With greater manufacturing capabilities and a wider variety of designs, you can create more opportunities for your business and customers.

Get Your Own Custom Molds now!

Marshmallw machine extruder nozzles
Marshmallow aerating system

Marshmallow aerating system

After the gelatin-containing syrup is cooked, it is allowed to cool slightly before air is incorporated. Whipping is generally accomplished in a rotor-stator type device.

Compressed air is injected into the warm syrup, held at a temperature just above the melting point of gelatin.

The aerator head has three temperture zoom with hot&cold watr chiller to ensre the gelatin reach the temperture inline.

In a marshmallow aerator, pins on a rotating rotor intermesh with stationary pins on the wall (stator) provide the shear forces necessary to break the large injected air bubbles into numerous tiny bubbles that provide the smooth, fine-grained texture of the marshmallow. A continuous stream of light, fluffy marshmallow exits the aerator en route to the forming step.

Marshmallow starch mogul system

The marshmallow production line contains 4 parts of the starch system, Starch loading system, Shape printing/stamping of the desired shape on the starch belt, Starch circulation system, and De-starching.
• The starch loading will be placing one layer on the belt and then forming a marshmallow on top after the marshmallow cools and ages, pacing another layer on top of the marshmallow
• Our De-starch system with both vibration research & Vacuum pumping instead of traditional fans blowing type to keep the working shop less dusty.
• The used starch will filter and magnetic separation three times back to the first stretch placing system for circulation use

Marshmallow starch mogul system
Marshmllow drying system

Marshmallow drying system

♦ Fully automatic continuous drying system
♦ Customized design for 3-24 hours drying time with Bacteriostatic system
♦ Low-temperature dehumidifier for gelatin-based formula

Ultimate Guide: Marshmallow Machine

A Marshmallow Making Machine is a device that is used to make marshmallows. It is usually a machine that includes a number of different blades that are used to cut the marshmallows into small pieces.

PLC control, stainless steel nozzles, continuous production, uniform density, low bubbles, high output, etc.

Melting tank, storage tank, boiling pot, storage tank, filling machine, CFA, thermostat, extruder, pouring machine, cooling table, pre-powdering, post-powdering

Aerators are used in marshmallow production lines to help break down and aerate the mixture of ingredients. This helps to produce a smoother product, which is easier to consume.


Melting, Melting, Mixing, Filling, Forming, Cooling, Oiling/Powdering, Packaging

Cleaning a marshmallow machine is not difficult, but it does need to be done from time to time. The most important part of cleaning a marshmallow machine is regularly descaling it. If you don’t do this, the machine will become clogged with small particles that can promote sticking and reduce the overall effectiveness of the machine. In addition, it’s important to clean the removable parts of the machine after each use, such as the paddle and blades. Finally, it’s a good idea to clean the exterior of the machine every six months to a year.

Yes, the Marshmallow Making Machines are generally safe. However, as with any machinery, there is always the possibility of injury if not used properly. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when using a Marshmallow Making Machine.

Yes, we can produce all types of Marshmallows in one Marshmallow Manufacturing Line, with a simple head changeover system for quick production resumption.

Overheating is a common problem with marshmallow makers, and it can lead to damage to the machine and loss of candy. Follow these tips to prevent overheat:

1. Make sure the machine is properly plugged in and working before starting.
2. Don’t overfill the maker. The maximum capacity is 2 cups of mixture.
3. Keep an eye on the machine as it cooks, and remove any candy that begins to stick to the sides or bottom of the maker.
4. Let the maker cool completely before cleaning it.

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