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We produce and sell top-quality lollipop-making machines with a user-friendly design to the world – and we’re committed to offering you outstanding customer service.

Lollipop Machine

Lollipop Machine

A lollipop is a sugar candy usually consisting of hard candy Different informal terms are used in different places, including lolly, sticky-pop, Chupa Chups, etc.
It is also a kind of hard candy or boiled sweet usually two ways to produce Depositing/molding or Die/chain-forming.

JunYuTec Lollipop depositing production line can produce Multi-colour, multi-component hard candies in one, two, three, and four colors; in stripes or layers, with one or two hard or soft center-fills, and with every possible color and flavor.

Ball, double-ball in one, two, three, or four colors, with a multi-component capability providing solid, center-filled, layered, and striped options even photos inside flat & photo lollipop
Flat lollipops mufti shape with multi-color or eatable photo in lollipop

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What is a lollipop machine?

A lollipop machine is a piece of equipment used to produce lollipops. It typically consists of a heated roller that creates the lollipop shape, a stick of candy that is cut into small pieces and fed into the roller, and a mechanism that dispenses the lollipops.

What is a lollipop machine?
Gummy Making Machine | M-80(40-80kg/h)

Lollipop Making Machine | L-80

15,000 lolly/h
3-5PH Cooling unit


Lollipop Making Machine | L-150

30,000 lolly/h
5-8PH Cooling unit

Lollipop Making Machine | L-300​

Lollipop Making Machine | L-300

60,000 lolly/h
8-10PH Cooling unit

Lollipop Making Machinee | L-600​

Lollipop Making Machinee | L-600

120,000 lolly/h
10-15PH Cooling unit

Lollipop Making Machine | L-1500​

Lollipop Making Machine | L-1500

400,000 lolly/h
15-20PH Cooling unit

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We produce and sell top-quality lollipop machines with a user-friendly design to the world - and we’re committed to offering you outstanding customer service.

Scenarios of Lollipop Machine

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Ball lollipop

A ball lollipop is a type of candy that is shaped like a ball and is smaller in size than a traditional lollipop. Ball lollipops are often coated in a chocolate or caramel coating and are often sold as part of a set with other types of candy.

Ball lollipop
Slide 2
double-ball lollipop

Double-ball Lollipops are a type of lollipop that looks like two spheres joined together by a thin band. They are usually filled with flavored cream, but can also beOptions include cherry, strawberry, and orange.

double-ball lollipop
Slide 3
Flat lollipop

A Flat lollipop is a type of candy that is similar to a standard lollipop, but it has a flat shape. Flat lollipops are usually more colorful and have more flavor than standard lollipops. They are also easier to eat because they are not as round.

Flat lollipop
Slide 3
photo lollipop

A photo lollipop is a type of candy that consists of a small stick of candy with a photo on it. The photo is usually wrapped in chocolate or other flavorings, and the candy is often designed to look like a celebrity or character from a movie or TV show.

photo lollipop
Lollipop boiling equipment

Advantages of JunYu lollipop machine

Our Vacuum film cooking technologies bring exceptional levels of reliability, efficiency, and low production costs Compared to the ordinary kitchen with a high return on investment for the long term.

Main component parts

Weighting & cooking
PLC local language program setting
Process control & flow chart
Formula setting & store
Vacuum Dosing pump
Stainless steel rotor balde

Per heating room
Plate heat ex-changer
Auto-feed slurry preparation system
Liquid flow meter
Removal trouble shot and program updating
CIP cleaning function one step on/off

Ultimate Guide: Lollipop Machine​

According to various sources, the modern day lollipop making machine was invented by Nicholas Conte in 1917. The machine used a rotating disc to produce lollipops from candy bars.

There are a lot of different ways to wrap a ball lollipop, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Here are a few popular solutions:

-With sticky tape: This is the most common way to do it, and you can either use regular tape or extra-sticky tape. You’ll need to make sure that the sticky side is facing outwards, and then use your hand to secure it around the lollipop.
-With a band: Another option is to use a band, which will keep the lollipop in one place and make it easier to remove. Just make sure that the band is wide enough so that it covers the entire lollipop, and then put it around your hand.
-With a stick: If you’re looking for an extra secure solution, you can try using a stick. Just hold the stick parallel to the ground and position it so that it covers half of the lollipop. Then use your other hand to push down on the top of the stick, making sure that it’s tight around the lollipop.

There are many types of lollipop making machines available on the market, with each having its own unique features and benefits. Here is a look at the different types of machines and their respective advantages:n

The Hot Knife Lollipop Machine: This type of machine uses a hot knife to cut the lollipop ingredients into small pieces, which results in a more consistent and uniform lollipop. It is typically faster and more efficient than other types of machines, and is best for those who are new to making lollipops.

The Spinning Lollipop Machine: This type of machine uses centrifugal force to create round lollipops out of the mixture, which results in a smoother texture and a whiter color than those made using other machines. It can take longer to make lollipops using this type of machine, but it is usually more reliable.

The Other Machines: There are also other types of machines available that do not fit into any specific category. These include the microwave oven-based machines and the blender-based machines. Each has its own unique features that can make them more convenient or efficient for certain users.

The Lollipop machine is a manufacturing device that uses a rotary press to create lollipops. It works by forcing candy syrup through a hot metal blade, which creates the desired shape and size of lollipop. The machine is operated by a technician who controls the speed and pressure of the metal blade to create the desired lollipop shape.


There is no set production capacity for lollipop machines, as the amount of lollipops that can be produced depends on the size and type of machine being used. However, most machines typically produce between 2,000 and 4,000 lollipops per hour.


There is a big difference between flat lollipop making machines and ball lollipop making machines. Flat lollipop making machines produce flat, round lollipops, while ball lollipop making machines produce balls of various shapes.Flat lollipop making machines are typically more affordable than ball lollipop making machines, but they may not be able to produce as many different types of lollipops. Ball lollipop making machines are typically more expensive than flat lollipop making machines, but they can produce a wider variety of shapes and colors.

There are a few things that need to be done on a regular basis in order to keep a lollipop making machine running smoothly. Here are some of the most important:

1. Check the oil level and replace it as needed. Lollipop making machines use a lot of oil, so it’s important to make sure it’s always fresh.

2. Clean the gears and other moving parts with a degreaser every so often. This will keep them running at their best and prevent any build-up of debris that can cause problems down the line.

3. Watch for signs of wear or tear and address them as soon as possible. If the machine is starting to show signs of wear, like excessive noise or difficulty moving theParts, it’s time to get it fixed or replaced.

4. Keep a close eye on the temperature! Lollipop making machines work best when they’re kept between 55°F and 65°F, so it’s important to make sure that doesn’t change too much over time. If the temperature starts going out of range, take corrective action right away!

These two are different molding methods, one is mold punching and the other is pouring.
The boiling at the front end and the cooling at the back end are the same for both molding methods.
Punching is to take the boiled syrup through the cooling table, holding roller bed, screed machine, punching molding machine, and then get the formed candy. The production line of punching mold needs manual guards for each process, and the candy strips are easily contaminated by multiple processes.
Pouring is the process of pouring the boiled syrup into the candy mold through the pouring machine and then cooling and demoulding to get the hard candy.

Translated with (free version)

Boiling pot, storage tank, film sugar boiling machine, lollipop pouring machine.

The sugar syrup is rapidly increased by the film boiler, which reduces the production of reducing sugar and air bubbles, thus reducing the air bubbles in the candy and making the candy more permeable. The sugar produced by the film boiling machine has less water content and longer shelf life.

— three-dimensional, single-color, top and bottom two-color, left and right two-color, spray flower, star lollipop
—flat, single-color, top and bottom, left and right, two-color, sprayed, photo candy

Yes, we can make different kinds of sandwich lollipops according to customers’ requirements.

There are many different uses for lollipop making machines. Manufacturers use them to make lollipops, cake pops, and other small candy items. Some people also use them to make large candy items, such as wheel of fortune bars and snakes.

There is a limitation for the making of gummy bears with this machine. You need to use high-quality ingredients and produce a consistent product. Furthermore, you need to be experienced in candy making to achieve the best results from this machine.

The Lollipop Making Machine is a great investment for businesses that are looking to reduce labor costs. This machine can produce lollipops in a matter of minutes, which is much faster than traditional methods. Additionally, this machine is reliable and produces high-quality lollipops.

There are many different parts that go into making a lollipop machine. The main parts include the motor, the boiler, the conveyor belt, and the tools. The motor powers the machine and the boiler heats up the candy. The conveyor belt moves the candy and the tools help with the process.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lollipop making machine, such as the type of lollipop desired, the price range, and the features of the machine. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

-Type of Lollipop: Some machines are designed to make traditional lollipops, while others are more versatile and can also produce novelty Lollipops, such as those with candy flavoring.
-Price Range: Lollipop machines range in price from around $100 to $1,000. It is important to find a machine that fits your budget and meets your specific needs.
-Features: Some machines come with features such as pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-use controls, while others may be simpler and less expensive. It is important to research which features are important to you before making a purchase.

The salient technical specifications of Lollipop making machine include the following:

-Capacity: The machine can make up to 100,00 lollipops per hour.
-Speed: The machine operates at a speed of up to 120 rpm.
-Power: The machine requires a power of 1,500 watts.

Automatic lollipop making machines are known to be better than semi-automatic lollipop making machines because they have a higher output rate. They also have a variety of features that make the process more efficient and easier. Some of these features include:

1. They have a higher output rate, which means that they can produce more lollipops in less time.

2. They have a variety of features that make the process more efficient and easier. For example, they often come with a pre-made dough recipe that makes the process faster and easier.

3. They often come with automated controls that make the process more reliable and error-free.

There are flat and 3D lollipop molds.

There are different mechanisms for releasing the sticks. 3D lollipops are released vertically, and flat lollipops are released horizontally.

The automatic lollipop making machine can automatically adjust the size and weight of the candy, make two colors of candy, and reduce manual work. The fully automatic lollipop making machine can fix the molds and automatically release the sticks, while the semi-automatic lollipop making machine cannot fix the three-dimensional molds, and the sticks have to be manually released after the candy is poured, which is not as accurate and fast.

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Single twist packaging, double twist packaging, pillow packaging

The length of the main machine of the fully automatic machine is about 36Ft

The boiling temperature is 90-140-115 degrees respectively

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