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About Junyu

Since1980s, Shanghai Junyu began to be in one of the food equipment manufacturer, such as biscuit making machine, candy making machine, chocolate making machine, wafer making machine, cake making machine, packaging machine, etc.


What Can We Bring You?

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Most Valuable Machine

Junyu uses advanced technology and high-quality components to manufacture the gummy making machine and other equipment, and its price will not be challenged by any machine in a similar price range.

You may find that the technology and components we use will be on other machines that are 2-3 times more expensive.

Highly Perfect Service System

We maintain strong relationships with customers, distributors, suppliers, and employees. This allows us to provide you with near-endless service support. Our goal is to keep your business running and maximize your profitability.

Marshmallow starch mogul system

Our CEO Mr. Lu used to work in a state-run factory as production manager. During 1980s, many factories reformed about changing state owned enterprises into private enterprises,So Mr. Lu and few managers bought this factory and started manufacturing machines for local market..

Patent certificate 50+
Export countries 80+
Plant area 8000M²
Advantages of Junyu

Advantages of Junyu

♦Certificate UL&CE for all the electric parts;
♦GMP standard for machine (SUS304+SUS316);
♦R-shapes bending and waterproof sandblasting coating;
♦Unique design for multiple candy molds;
♦Multi-language for PLC program;
♦Expanding remolding system;
♦Electrical parts with international brands;
♦Cleaning function and drain pipes;
♦Warning signs of hidden parts and protection;
♦CFA system available;

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